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From the mid 1800s into the early 1900s, many nationalities of homesteaders had to adapt to growing families and farms. Additional buildings were needed for grain storage, animal barns, and summer kitchens.

As there was no electricity, all labor had to be accomplished with hand tools. More history can be seen here.

Virgin trees were felled with 1-2 man hand saws. Hand held tools like adzes, broadaxes and drawknives were used, along with extreme physical labor to square the trees into hewn timber beams for the structural frames.

These buildings were completely finished with wood - including the floor boards, roof structure, and even down to the wooden pegs used to hold the structural cross ties and diagonal timbers together.

A few of these old farms and buildings remain. They accent the broad sky and the rolling land. Many are meticulous works of art. Each one has its own character, artistic statement, and many stories to share.

*** How Best of Nature recreates Antique Wood Fireplace mantels ***

The start of recreating Antique Wood Fireplace mantels.
Reclaimed Wood

Preparing for another life...  

Antique Timber to be reused for mantels.
Timber Beam from 1870s -  notches and pegs

Antique Timber to be reused for mantels.

Timber Beam from 1870s - How notches and pegs
can come to exist in the Best of Nature Mantels.

Still handcrafted with antique tools


The below photographs illustrate the before and after sequence of how every wood fireplace mantel gets "another life". Click on photos for bigger picture.

Handcrafted Mantel North Carolina
Hand Hewn Mantels
Antique mantel prior to building Davy's mantel.
Davy's mantel after the second handcrafting and finishing.
Davy's fireplace mantel

See more hand hewn timber mantels here.


Antique Timber Mantles
Reclaimed wood antique mantle
Reclaimed Wood Mantel
Antique timber reclaimed - before second handcrafting for Benedict's mantel.
Benedict's mantel after second
handcrafting and finishing.

Customer's photo of installed
mantel and finished fireplace.

(Click on photo to enlarge for viewing)
Wood Fireplace Mantel New Jersey
Hewn Timber Wood Mantle Kentucky
This mantel was made for a customer by
replicating a mantel seen on this webpage.
Click here to see photo.

Hand hewn timber mantel - corbels and
center filled notch added.

Hewn timber mantel fireplace - Meadows
Reclaimed Wood Mantle
Reclaimed wood mantel in log home
Michigan - Meadows 

Filled Notches on each end,
four pegs in center - Nelson

Rustic Mantle Shelf - Virginia - Scholz
Wood Fireplace mantle - Hughes New York
Hand Hewn timber mantel
with two filled notches.

Popular mantel design showing notch in center
and vertical pegs on ends - Hughes - N.Y.

Wood Fireplace Mantel - MI - Boyle
Wood Fireplace Mantel - Texas - Norton
Custom design mantel with diagonal pegs,
filled deluxe center notch.

Hand hewn wood mantel with open and filled
notches and pegs per timber mantel A design.


"I am very pleased with the mantle, the service, and the end product you provided. You have a very unique business and I am very grateful to you."
A. Norton.-TX 

"Attached is a picture of our fireplace and mantel. Please do not hesitate to use our names as references because we are so happy that we had you make our beautiful mantel! This mantel really sets off our fireplace".
K. Boyle-MI

Rustic Mantels for Sale California
Hewn Timber Mantel with Pegs over Corbels - California - Cox
Custom Hand Hewn Mantel with 2 Pegs
Welch - California

Timber Mantel with center pocket notch and
pegs over corbels - California - Cox

Rustic Mantels For Sale
Hand Hewn reclaimed wood mantle - custom length
Hewn Reclaimed Barn Wood Mantel - Florida
Hand Hewn reclaimed wood mantle - custom length

Timber wood mantle for wood stove - New York
Rustic hand crafted wood fireplace mantels - New Jersey
Best of Nature Mantels are a
nice accent for wood stoves!

Unique Fireplace design with lower
and upper rustic mantels.

See more information and photos by clicking on Fireplace Mantel Designs which offers more mantel design ideas!

The Rustic Mantel Photo Gallery features many photographs from customers of log and timber mantles.

See More Rustic Mantels, and Hewn Timber Mantels for additional fireplace mantel pictures and other mantels to get many more ideas!  Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions, call (715) 588-1241 or email

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