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Log and timber fireplace mantel design options include determining the final desired length for a mantel. There are a few size choices:

1) Most customers have the mantels made long enough to be held in from each side equally. Generally, if a certain diameter stone, brick or tile is used, (example: 3-6+/- dia.) Take an average of the material size, and use this as a guideline to hold mantel in equal distance from both sides.

2) Some customers desire their rustic mantel to be as long as the actual width of the fireplace. Visually, the mantel becomes a natural divider.

3) Rustic wood mantels can also be made wider than the fireplace. Average overhang from fireplace structure can be 2-6 each side, or as desired.

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Log mantels and the rustic wood style mantels may also have the optional lower corbels added. These can accent the fireplace and mantel-however the corbels are strictly cosmetic. If considering corbels, take the floor to ceiling height of your overall fireplace into account. At times, corbels on a mantel may overwhelm a fireplace design if it is not a tall fireplace unit. Here, one may opt to use a little taller of a mantel for a nicer medium.


Antique timber mantels-these mantels can also be designed in an elegantly rustic style, a medium rustic or extremely rustic mantel style.

Open or filled notches and the wood pegs add authentic details to a timber mantel, and can be placed anywhere desired. Any rustic mantel design can be done. Corbels can also be added if desired. Photos below where mantels made per customer requests. Have some mantels designs / idea of your own? Contact us for further assistance.

Rustic Wood Mantel Washington       Rustic Wood Mantle Shelf - New Jersey
Rustic Wood Mantel - Osborn
One Filled and One Open Notch
Vertical Pegs on One End

Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf - New Jersey

Oak Fireplace Mantel
Antique Wood Fireplace Mantle
Oak Fireplace Mantel
Horizontal Peg Placement & Corbels

Rustic Mantle Shelf - California
Open Center Notch and Diagonal Pegs

Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel - Michigan
Antique Wood Fireplace Mantle - Minnesota
Rustic Fireplace Mantel - Michigan
Pegs on Ends with Filled Center Notch

Antique Wood Fireplace Mantel - Minnesota
Vertical Pegs on Each End

Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel - Texas
Wood Fireplace Rustic Mantle - California
Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel - Texas
Antique Wood Mantel and Stone Corbels

Wood Fireplace Mantle - California
Reclaimed Wood Mantle with Angled Corbels

Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf - Virginia - Scholz
Reclaimed Wood Mantel - Texas
Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf - Virginia
Mantel Design with Two Filled Notches

Reclaimed Wood Mantle - Texas
Wood Mantel with Stone Corbels

Hand Hewn Mantel with Pegs/Notch - Tennessee - Robin
Reclaimed handcrafted mantel - Iowa - Baugh
Hand Hewn Mantel with Pegs/Notch
Tennessee - Robin

Reclaimed Handcrafted Mantel
Iowa - Baugh
Rustic Wood Mantels - Michigan 
Rustic Log Mantels are also handcrafted by us.
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For even more fireplace design ideas see our HEWN TIMBER MANTELS.

We are available to assist you with any of your questions or concerns. If you wish to discuss your fireplace mantel design, you may reach us at (715) 588-1241 or email at

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Log Fireplace Mantels - Current Stock
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