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Log Fireplace Mantel Inventory

Best of Nature's rustic log and antique timber wood fireplace mantels are always available for immediate purchase and shipment.  Mantels are always available in many sizes and lengths, with our inventory changing frequently. Our Lay-away Plan can hold your mantel selections for up to 60-90 days or as agreed upon.

* Log mantel stock: We have sizes from 3' - 4' for the shorter lengths, and up to 8' - 10' and longer.

Our mantel lengths may vary and are kept as long as possible until the length needed is verified. Mantels are then trimmed to your desired length.

We may also have mantel stock available that is not inventoried and photographed yet - contact us with your specific details.

Click on any photo below to enlarge for viewing.

4' - 5' +/- Long Mantels and various lengths

Log Fireplace Mantle Inventory    Log Fireplace Mantle Inventory   


5' - 7' +/- Long Mantels
Call (715) 588-1241 to discuss shortening any mantels to your desired length.

Log mantels for sale    Log mantles for stone fireplace     rustic fireplace mantels for sale RFM67A

Rustic cedar mantels
 log mantels for sale best of nature mantles
Rustic cedar log mantels

Rustic mantle logs   Rustic Fireplace Mantels for sale   Rustic Mantels for Sale

Rustic mantle logs      

Note: Most of the longer mantels can be shortened and pricing will reflect the shortened size.  As an example, if you like a 7' mantel shown, but only need a length of 5', 5'6", 6' or a custom length.  Call (715) 588-1241 on pricing.

7' - 8' +/- Long Mantels and various lengths


 Log Mantels for Sale RFM68     


If you see a particular mantel or two that may interest you, please contact us at (715) 588-1241 with the
Photo # and Mantel # along with your final mantel length needed and your timing needs.

Current Stock

The Naturewoods mantel style is a beautiful blend of rustic woods, combined with the rare art of true handcrafting.

This wood mantel design features a rustic round front surface that is still handcrafted with antique hand tools. Our mantel tops have a smooth surface and, the bottoms are normally flat with hand hewn textured accents.

Perfect for any fireplace (especially in lower ceiling areas, even like a basement or a corner fireplace setting) this mantel design can also be custom sized as needed.

Or, you can order from the inventory pictures below. Longer lengths can be shortened as needed.
Average sizes vary from 6-6 1/2+ tall, and depths of 7 1/2-9 or larger. Custom heights, depths and lengths are always available.

We welcome your input on any design ideas. Contact us to find out more!

log mantel shelf for sale
Current Naturewoods Stock RWML



Rustic wood mantels for sale

Rustic Fireplace Mantels for Sale - RWM68



rustic wood fireplace mantles by Best of Nature

       Current Naturewoods Stock RWM67a



Click on any photo above to enlarge for viewing.


Click on Naturewoods Rustic Wood Mantel Shelves page which shows more information and photographs on the above mantle style.

After you find the mantel(s) you would like to purchase, contact us to discuss current length, height & depth dimensions of the mantel(s) along with pricing on your specified mantel length.  NOTE: In the event your first mantel choice may have already been purchased or is on hold, select a second mantel as an alternate choice.


Mantel Pricing - The Hand Crafted Log Mantel (HLM Style) is a medium rustic log style wood mantel with various profiles.  Available in quarter round profile, with a rustic round front.  Approximate dimensions are 6 1/2 - 8 + " tall and 7 - 9 + " deep. Prices may average from $296 - $644+ for 4' long to 8' length mantels.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel (RFM Style): Our popular beautifully handcrafted log mantel.  More naturally occurring colors, pronounced characteristics, knots and grain patterns.  Average dimensions are 7 - 10" tall and 8 - 10 + " deep.  Based on final size needed, costs can average $327 - $688 + for the 4' to 8' sizes, all depending on final length, and heights and shelf depth.

See more info on the HLM and RFM styles at the Log Fireplace Mantels page.


*Naturewoods Rustic wood mantel shelf: This style has a rustic round handcrafted front surface, and a surfaced smooth top.  Heights will average from 4 - 6 + " tall and depths average 6 1/2 - 8 1/2 + " deep. Larger stock may be available.  Lengths 3' - 4' for shorter mantel or rustic wall shelves and up to 8+' and longer.  Prices range from $288 - $596+/- for 4' - 8' sizes and custom sizes and lengths are always available.

The log corbels can be added if desired.  See the Corbels page for more information.

Finishing: As some customers like to do this themselves, we offer the finishing as an option.  A 2 coat, hand applied satin stain is available, followed by 2-3 coats of clear satin topcoats.  Costs can range $78 - $165+/- depending on length, options added, etc.

You are working directly with Countree Living / Best of Nature as the producer.  We are your direct source for award winning product choices, top notch personalized service and the highest quality rustic furnishings.  Thank you for your interest!


If you desire Hand Hewn Timber Mantels versus the Log Style Mantels, please see these page links:


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