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The Timber Woods fireplace mantels by Best of Nature are mantels made from reclaimed original antique wood, the same as our hand hewn timber (HTB style) mantels. Most of these have been recovered from structures dating back from the 1810 to early 1900 time frame and are original timbers.

These homestead builders relied heavily on the strength of their joinery, as very little metal was used due to its availability.

During construction, after hand sawing and hewing was completed, notches were then applied with hand held chisels and wooden mallets. Mortise and tenon joints were used for connecting intersecting timbers. Wooden pegs were then used to hold the adjoined timbers together.

When these timber structures are taken apart, the joints/pegs may be exposed.

There may also be original marks such as hewing accents, scribe lines, insect markings, and the cracks or checks (some small, some larger) from age. These can add character and remain as accents.

Existing open notches can be filled at times. There may be notches present on some sides or every side.

Mantel craftsmen at Best of Nature will trim the mantel to your required length, square the ends top to bottom and front to back, then sand ends so they are smooth to the touch. The top side is surfaced and sanded smooth for a level surface, and if notches/pegs were existing in top, they are filled with wood trimmed from the mantel piece.

The heights and depths are somewhat flexible but may be a bit limited due to positions of existing notches and pegs. Many of these can be made shorter if needed.

Being a reclaimed original wood mantle, (and even though we do the prep work such as sanding and cleaning), the Timber Woods fireplace mantel style can have a rougher surface.


Antique Wood Fireplace Mantel - Wisconsin
Installed Timberwoods Mantel

Current Available Inventory to Select From

Click on any photo below to enlarge for viewing.

Barn wood timber mantels for sale
wood timber mantels for sale

Timberwoods Mantel Photo Orig45C
(50" - 60" lengths)

Timberwoods photo ORIG45B
(4' - 5 lengths)

Rustic wood fireplace mantels for sale
Rustic mantels

Timberwoods hand hewn mantels-5'-6' lengths

Timberwoods Photo OrigMix

reclaimed wood mantels for sale
Rustic wood mantels

Reclaimed wood mantels 4'-5' long

Timberwoods Photo Orig56

reclaimed wood fireplace mantels for sale   reclaimed wood mantels for sale
Timberwoods Photo Orig68 (6'-8' lengths)
  Timberwoods ORIG 67-2 mantels
(7’ and can shorten)
reclaimed wood mantels for sale reclaimed timber wood mantel beams
Timberwoods ORIG54 mantels (6'-7' lengths)   Timberwoods ORIG54 mantels (6'-7' lengths)

If you see a mantel you like in the photos above, contact us at (715) 588-1241 with the photograph #/Info of which mantel for an exact price based on your specified length.

Mantels will be sized to the exact length you need. We produce mantels of many sizes and any length needed.


The photo below (left side) shows an original timber beam prior to the handcrafting.
  Notice the white coatings on this timber? This was a material used in dairy barns where cows were milked. Farmers used this “whitewashing process” to keep ceilings and walls in the milking barns cleaner.  Our handcrafting and hewing removes all the whitewash so there is a fresh new surface for staining and finishing!

Antique Timber Mantles   Hand Hewn Timber Mantle   Rustic Wood Mantel Washington
Antique reclaimed timber
for mantel construction.
  Still handcrafted with
antique tools.
  After the handcrafting, finishing
and open notch/peg addition.


Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel - California
Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel - Illinois Wisconsin
Reclaimed wood fireplace mantel - California
Timber wood mantle - Wisconsin

Reclaimed Wood Mantle Alabama
Antique Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf
Antique Timber Wood Mantel - Alabama
Antique Rustic Wood Mantel - Arizona

Nichols -  Texas
North Carolina
Antique Wood Fireplace Mantel - Linda Houston, TX
Timber Mantel A Design - Thomas North Carolina

Reclaimed Timber Mantel - Michigan
Corner Fireplace Mantel - Minnesota - Kullish
Reclaimed Timber Mantel - Michigan
Corner Fireplace - Kullish

Reclaimed Wood Mantel - IL - Cornachia
Reclaimed Mantel Texas - Steph M
Reclaimed Wood Mantel - IL - Cornachia
Hewn Timber Mantel - Texas Steph 

Rustic Timber Wood Mantel - Schmidt
Antique Wood Mantel - Crawford - California
Rustic Timber Wood Mantel - Schmidt
Antique Wood Mantel - Crawford California


Testimonials from above customers

     “Mantel arrived.  Believe this, I tried hard to get into the package to open it but could not even break through.  If whoever packed that had build the Titanic, we would never have heard of that ship.  Thanks!
C.B. Pacific Palisades, CA

     “Our mantel arrived on Monday and was installed on Tuesday. We both love it-the finish work exceeded my expectations, which doesn’t happen very often.

     You guys didn’t just hit a home run, you really knocked it out of the park! Not to mention your level of service has been SECOND TO NONE. We really appreciate it!”
J & P - Orange, CA (photo above)

     "From the beginning, your service was great. During phone conversations, you didn’t sound like you were in a rush, and were very helpful with our decision and planning.
     When we received our mantle, it was packaged nicely so it was safe during shipping. The mantle is unique, and our fireplace would not be complete without it".
     S. G. - MI

"Wow!!! We are extremely happy with the mantel. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for packaging it with so much care. It IS A Work of art. Can’t wait to share pictures when project is complete".
     P. York - MI (photo above)

“The mantel arrived and in one word, it’s BEAUTIFUL. The color is perfect. Your companies skill is also reflected in the excellent crating of the mantel. It arrived to us in Arizona completely intact. We really appreciate all of the hard work that you have contributed to our project. Our many thanks to everyone!
S. & A.-Tucson ,AZ. (photo above)

Countree Living Staff-Here is a picture of the mantel. Fantastic job! We couldn’t be more pleased with how the mantel turned out. It is the exact look we were hoping for. Thanks for working with us to produce a great centerpiece to our master bedroom.
D. and R.-Pleasant Garden, N.C. (photo above)

Timberwoods Mantel Prices:

Prices of these antique wood mantels will vary based on the desired height and depth, along with the length needed. The normal sizes can average 7-9”+/- tall, and 7-10” deep. Smaller and larger sizes are available.  We also have mantel stock not shown above.  Contact us for further information.

A general price will average:

4’-5’ lengths $440-$546 +/-
5’-6’ lengths $547-$628 +/-
6’-7’ lengths $629-$748 +/-
7’-8’ lengths $748-$860 +/-

8’ length and up - Call for prices and availability.

 There are many variables that can affect pricing - the final height, depth and length sizes, along with wood species, vintage, options like notches and pegs, etc. and amount of character in the mantel.

A full pre-finishing service, which includes two coats of stain and two coats of a clear satin topcoat for a smooth, yet dull finish.  This will add $94-$188 depending on mantel sizes.  Some inventory stock may be prefinished.

The Timber Woods Rustic Mantels can be limited in availability - so contact us as soon as possible if you would like to discuss ordering.


Rustic fireplace mantels are available in custom profiles and sizes. For further information, Phone: (715) 588-1241 or email:

If you are interested in visiting our home office, please contact
us for available appointment times and directions.


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