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Corbel options for Wood Fireplace Mantles

The decorative log and timber corbels are additional rustic mantle options.  A "scribe to fit notching technique" is utilized to attach corbels to the mantel, (being the bottom surfaces of our mantels are also hand hewn and not dimensionally surfaced). This assists in keeping the corbel tops straight and level with the mantel shelf. As it is very important to discuss the desired locations of the corbels on the wood mantel, contact our fireplace mantel designers at (715) 588-1241.


Style A)  (The A Style): corbels add approx. $178-$218 per pair depending on the height, depth and width desired.  The timber corbels usually overhang the front of wood mantel approx. 3/4-1 inch for the appearance the corbels are holding up the mantel. They can also be extended further out or in, or completely flush with front edge of mantel. All exposed sides of the corbels are hand hewn to match the mantel.  Shown below are regular style corbels.

Antique Wood Mantel Corbels


Style B) Concave corbels are also hand hewn on the sides for added detail. For visual balance and symmetry, we provide larger sized corbels for timber mantels. Based on heights, depths and widths of this style, average price ranges are $268-298 total additional per pair.  This includes the hand hewing, sanding, scribing and attaching to the mantel for Styles B1 or B2.

Antique Wood Fireplace Mantels A3 Cedar Wood Mantel - Stiles
Style B1 Concave (Radiused Top) Style B2 Concave Corbels

B1 Corbel Option Wood Mantel Texas
B1 Corbel Option Style B2 Concave (Flat Top)


Price is same as standard corbels (Style A).

Wood Fireplace Mantel with 1/2 size Corbels Wood Mantel with Corbels
Emery Mantel - Texas Hickey Mantel - Virginia


Style D) Or, design your own ! We craft corbels per your designs. This is an angled front style corbel. This design is $212-$248 per pair, depending on final sizes. The corbels are scribed, hand hewn, and notched into mantel and fastened/pegged to your desired location for that price.  As another design option, add center groove. Add $52 per pair.

Reclaimed Wood Mantel Shelf - Wisconsin Reclaimed Wood Corner Fireplace Mantel - California (Weber)

Wood Mantle California
Shaw Wood Mantle Design - California

Custom mantel corbels for rustic wood mantel shelves or the log mantels - Standard or custom corbels can be added to any mantel style from Best of Nature. Call (715) 588-1241 for information or email

Style E) Log Fireplace Mantel (Naturewoods Style) With Corbels.  Call for prices.

Log Fireplace Mantel (HLM) With Corbels

Style F) Log corbels - see the "scribe to fit" furniture grade joint connection by Best of Nature! (No putty/filler needed due to the accuracy of the notching.) Log corbels average $86-$116 for a pair of 6 -8 inch diameter. For larger diameters call for price. The scribe to fit labor and fastening log corbels to the mantel-adds $144-$186+/- based on log mantel style.

Log corbels

Corbels of stone or other materials can also be a nice accent!

Wood Mantel on Brick     Antique Wood Fireplace Mantels     Reclaimed Wood Mantel with Stone Corbels
Wood Mantel on Brick      Decorative Wrought Iron Corbels      Reclaimed Wood Mantel with Stone Corbels

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