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      All Log Beds by Countree Living Log Furniture are completely hand crafted by using antique hand tools from generations past, and are individually made to your personal needs.

We spend nearly a third of our lives in our beds. Why not enjoy your time in a solid, handcrafted quality log bed made just for you?

Sundance queen handcrafted Log bed, a Naturewood one drawer nightstand and lamp,
and a Best of Nature (RFM - Rustic Fireplace Mantel) on fireplace
Click on image for larger picture

Our Lakewood bed style is a medium rustic style log bed. The Lakewood design features log posts that average 7-8" in diameter for a more massive, nicely balanced rustic appearance. Some character logs are utilized in the Lakewood style beds. The side rails are a handcrafted half log profile designed to conceal most of the box spring. The footboard design includes a standard lower round rail or option of a half log lower member. Standard with the Lakewood log bed style is our trademarked mortise and tenon post to side rail connection, resulting in a bed with extraordinary strength.



Lakewood Queen log bed with the optional     
lower 1/2 log trim member on footboard.
  Also shown are 3' bed bench and a 2
              drawer nightstand.


                                                  Click on images for larger picture

The Sundance log beds are our most rustic style. Featuring character logs uniquely designed by nature and crafted by hand, all Countree Living Log beds will make a distinctive addition in your bedroom. Some of the log materials used in our bed construction are 100-125 years or more in age! The Sundance rustic beds include unusual log rail/spindle material. Corner posts are a standard 7 1/2-8 1/2" dia. Larger posts available if desired.

Custom work is a standard feature at Countree Living. Details which will include
your desired comfortable heights of the box spring/mattress will be discussed prior to
a bed purchase.  Sundance Queen bed with bed bench shown above.
Click on image for larger picture


1) Unlike some log bed designs that use a small dia. round log for the siderail connection to the footboard and headboard, Countree Living log beds utilize a rustic 1/2 log which averages approx. 6 1/2"-8" tall. Also our corner posts average 6"-8" DIA!  This beautifies the log theme of the bed, plus  makes for a more solid bed versus 3"-4" DIA. size corner posts.The siderail logs are prenotched to fit into the precut notches in the corner posts that are matched during the construction of the bed. This makes for an extremely strong connection.

Photo shows post and siderail intersection.
2) Mortise and tenon joinery found in high quality furniture is a standard at Countree Living. Tightly fit spindles, rails and posts are a common detail with every handcrafted bed. The high standards in our quality control result in a solidly built, beautifully crafted bed that will last for generations.

3) In need of a log headboard or footboard? Available in all sizes and styles. Based on the existing side rail hardware and the structural support needed, pricing is based on the hardware and the attachment options. Post heights and diameters, rail/spindle details are all available choices.

If you are interested in visiting our home office, please contact us for appointment times and directions.


1)  Handcrafted northern white cedar logs are used for the construction of the log beds. The cedar family trees are known throughout the housing industry for their excellent stability and other naturally occurring, beneficial properties. The white cedar logs possess a honey gold/neutral color tone, with the heartwood offering some of the most beautiful colors. Plus, cedar is a very lightweight wood compared to the pine family logs. Due to the rustic nature of log furniture, some natural occurrences may be left in the log bed material by the handcrafters. This may include natural characters, insect marks, checking, unique coloration, etc. Confirm all desired details with Countree Living when ordering.

2) Bed prices shown exclude box spring, mattress material, and shipping/crating costs. All beds are priced as hand peeled natural wood, with clear pretreatment/sanding sealer applied. Hand-rubbed final top coating/prestaining is an available option. 

Northern White Cedar Log Bed Prices


Lakewood D Double $784 - $850
Lakewood Q Queen $1326 - $1416
Lakewood K King $1668 - $1748

Sundance D Double $1388
Sundance Q Queen $2364
Sundance K King $2778

Note: The above price varies due to the desired post heights, dia. of posts, side rail options, and spindle detailing.

3) Our log beds include log corner posts of an average 7-8" dia. for Lakewood and Sundance beds. If 8-9" diameter size posts are desired, add $112 to $168. Posts larger than 8-9" dia. are also available. 


4) Prior to placing order for your log bed unit, contact Countree Living to confirm all details such as post height/diameter desired, and if current or new box spring/mattress will be used, to establish your comfortable height from floor to mattress/cushion top. It is important to review all design details prior to placing an order. This includes details such as travel area space around the bed unit and existing room issues such as window and door locations, etc. as to where the bed will be placed in your room. 

5) Headboard and footboard pricing is based on unit size and features. Contact Coutree Living for a free estimate of your desired style and size. 

If you are interested in visiting our home office, please contact us for appointment times and directions.


Copyright Note: Materials on this website may not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval from Countree Living / Best Nature Mantels LLC.

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Phone: (715) 588-1241

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