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      Countree Living Log Furniture produces handcrafted northern white cedar log railing packages. The family of cedars are highly respected in the housing industry due to their many excellent characteristics. These include a naturally high resistance to decay and are known to be very insect-resistant due to the naturally occurring properties. Along with those properties mentioned, northern cedar is also easy to work with due to its lightweight and excellent stability.

Cedar Log handcrafted rail sets are available as described:
A) Countree Log Railing Package, 4" Spacing Log Rail Set: This applies to deck, porch, loft, and balcony rails per most local codes. If final dimension from floor to lower level is more than 30", an engineered railing system will probably be required. This consists of spindles (approximately 2-3" in diameter)for an approx. 4" opening between verticals, a horizontal top and bottom rail, plus vertical log support posts,which average 6 1-2" - 8" dia. 

B) Countree Log Railing Package, 6" Spacing Log Rail Set: Includes same as per Item A, except for 6" opening between verticals in place of 4" opening. Be sure to contact your local building department/authority to see if any restrictions apply that you must abide by. 

C) Northwoods Log Rail Set: Our most rustic rail system which utilizes branch projections, irregular spindle and rail stock. This package is available on a limited basis. Pricing available upon customer/builder submission of a detailed, dimensioned blueprint (or equivalent). 

Beautify your home  with Countree Living log railing systems around your porch or deck!
Click on image for larger picture

Click on image for larger picture
Handpeeled cedar log rails will accent any interior area: loft edge, stairway, room dividers, sunken floors, and more!
The Countree Log style handcrafted log rails are shown on the deck area, the Northwoods Rustic Log Rail system used on timber stairway. A mix of our best to create a unique image for your home!

Click on image for larger picture


Per Countree Living Cedar Log Rail Package A - 4" Opening set:
Price includes one each horizontal top and bottom rail (approximately 3 1/2"-4 1/2" dia.), precut verticals with predoweled ends , to be spaced for a 4" approx. opening, and Cedar Log post stock for rail section support, approximately 6 1/2"-8" average diameter. Material cost for package A components averages $31.00 to $35.00 per foot, for 36"  finished approx. rail height, for an average railing layout.
Posts are predrilled for Rails.

Per Countree Living Cedar Log Rail Package B - 6" Opening set:
Price includes same components as package A, except the verticals will be spaced for a 6" approx. opening between verticals. Material cost for package B components averages $30.00 to $33.00 per foot, for an approx. 36"  finished rail height. 

NOTE: To provide the most accurate, detailed cost breakdown, a blueprint or dimensional, scaled drawing is needed for estimating purposes.

Cedar Log Rail Systems by Countree Living are handcrafted, and are a preassembled ready to install style, based on customer provided dimensions.

Cedar Log Railing Options
1) Larger diameter log support posts are available if desired larger than 6 1/2"-8" in diameter. Please call for current price quote and availability. 
2) Horizontal rail systems with three or four horizontal rails are also available.
Note: Customer/builder is responsible for all finish-fitting/cutting, drilling, and proper fastening of rails. General application instructions and sealing guidelines are also included with purchase of rail package.

NOTE: Prices exclude structural hardware, packaging, and freight costs. Customer/Builder agrees to assume all responsibility prior to rail purchase installation to confirm if any local/state/national codes need to be followed, and that customer/builder agrees to conform to all applicable codes.

If you are interested in visiting our home office, please contact us for appointment times and directions.

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